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What advantages does flocking of a particular surface offer and what new options does it open up for a product? Under what conditions, how and with which machines can high-quality flocking be efficiently and safely realized? No one can find the answers as quickly and reliable, and no one designs better machines for the purpose than we do.

or decades we have concentrated on tasks of this kind, which are set for us by scientists, designers and customers from a broad range of industries.We are their technology partner, giver of ideas and expert, whom they trust one-hundred percent.The quality of our consulting and our machines is unequaled worldwide. We are proud of this.

Customized Flocking Technology

Flocking is a technology that opens up a wealth of possibilities.Whether it is the implementation of purely aesthetic design ideas or the fulfillment of functional requirements such as noise damping, insulation or special friction behavior – our engineers find the solution for a broad range of different tasks.

In the process, we always take care of our customers’ actual production conditions. Machines already in use are taken into account in line planning, and flocking is precisely integrated in the entire production line.We design the most economical solution for our customers and simulate machine performance. From many years of customer contact we know that our lines prove stable in use.

Our technical center simulates any series
production requirement on a laboratory scale.

The conditions under which flocking is carried out in the customer’s production system are exactly simulated at our technical center. We simulate the processes until a flocked prototype is obtained. By varying different parameters, we can maximize the performance of the line and achieve the highest flocking quality.

In trials with our own testing equipment, we evaluate the behavior of the flocking under external influences and check the quality of the consumables.This ensures that we meet our customers’ requirements.

At our technical center we simulate flocking under real-time conditions. By varying the process parameters, we obtain test series on changes in the flocking quality and speed. And this enables us to find the individual maximum performance for every line.